Personal judgement always plays a role in candidate evaluation, but reliance on gut feel alone is not a strong foundation for candidate selection. As hiring managers, consciously or subconsciously we evaluate candidates on three criteria: Capability, Competency and Character – the 3Cs. 

Every recruiter knows that these 3 things effectively defines You, at least “Professional You” in the eyes of a potential employer. 

Being conscious of these 3 things is a powerful tool to add to your managerial arsenal. It will help you to better interpret and understand people; it will help you with developing a genuine appreciation for who an individual truly is; it will help you defeat unconscious biases but most importantly it will help you to extract the very best from others. 

Inherently these 3 things are equally as important. All of these three things are always considered, all of these three things must have the right fit, however depending on the situation, the role, the decision-maker, the candidate etc. the hiring manager may place greater or less emphasis on one thing over another. 

Capability refers to ‘Soft Skills’ 

These are the transferrable professional skills that you need for problem solving at any level irrespective of your role, your industry or profession. 

Competency refers to ‘Hard Skills’ 

This is your domain knowledge and technical expertise that relates to your industry, organisation, profession or your specific role. It could be either practical operating knowledge, accreditation or compliance. 

Character refers to ‘Personality Traits’ 

These are your personal qualities, natural tendencies, and personal preferences. It influences your cultural fit for the organisation and role. 

There are many existing ways of evaluating Competency and Character, but not Capability 

Competency is commonly measured via industry accreditations, technical certifications or knowledge tests. Character is commonly measured via psychometric, personality-type indicator tools such as Myers-Briggs, Disc and HBDI. However, Capability is a measure that has remained somewhat elusive. Until now…  

Here at S&you, we measure capability using Headway DNA as part of our toolkit to make sure we match the right candidates to the right roles. 

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