Recruitment is busy business, so to help you make your process smoother when applying for your #dreamjob, here’s a few tips to help you stand out for all the right reasons.

Make a good first impression

 Be at least 5mins early. Dress appropriately for the role or better still, lift the bar. It’s easy to remove a tie.

Don’t be over eager 

We are continuously inundated with applications. Sometimes it takes longer to get back to shortlisted candidates than we would like. Respect our time and send a brief email to show you are still interested and would love to hear how your application is progressing. Avoid the phone tag game and don’t call.

Learn About The Company

If you know the company, find out what they do before you arrive for the interview.

Do Your Research

Similarly to the above however, learn who your recruiter is. Perhaps ask following a phone screen call who you will be meeting with and find out about them on linked in. DO NOT send them a connection request.

Cool It On The Keywords

Whilst you may think it makes you appear more versed with the role, try to avoid commonly used #buzzwords. We hear them all the time and they generally don’t mean much nor help you to demonstrate how you can really fulfil the role.

Think About Your Questions

Yes, you will have an opportunity to ask questions and so you should. This is your opportunity to identify if the role or the company is for you as much as the recruiter is doing the same for you. Never leave it to memory, bring in a pen & note book with pre-written questions, even ask if you can write down additional questions as they come to mind during the interview. The recruiter will be impressed