What enables elite athletes to change sports? Is this the same as business professionals changing careers?

Just like a new sport, there is technical knowledge and expertise required in a new role whether this is acquiring industry knowledge, adapting to new processes, gaining an understanding of your offering, or learning new technical competencies such as a new programming language or how to use new tools and machinery.

If sporty people have physical fitness, can business people have professional fitness?

In the same way physical fitness transcends different sports and physical activities, professional fitness transcends different roles, professions and industries. Athletes with greater physical fitness can compete at higher levels of sporting competition. Similarly, individuals with more developed professional fitness can succeed in roles with greater levels of complexity.

Professional fitness is about developing a balanced, well-rounded combination of soft skills that enables individuals to succeed in their role, at their level of capability and experience.

Physical Fitness refers to the 4 core transferrable skills required for any athletic sport: Strength, Agility, Speed and Endurance. Professional Fitness refers to the to the 4 core transferrable skills required for any business role: Communication, Analysis, Design and Engagement.

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