Whilst it’s true that people buy from people, not business’s, your business still needs to show the world, the sort of culture, it’s people have created.

What’s it’s personality?

If you are a business owner, it’s time to wake up to the fact that top talent won’t want to work with a brand that is boring and has no personality.

You need to consider the companies’ social media presence as part of your recruiting strategy.

Like anything, this will take time and you will need to be consistent with your posts once you start and make sure your content is relevant.

Everything that is shown on your social media accounts is the window into your business – so showing a culture that is fun, and inviting is a critical key in sharing your culture to the world (and potential new employees!)

Perhaps start by demonstrating a behind the curtain look at what goes on in your office on a daily basis.

Now remember, we are talking about fun stuff, not a typical boring Monday morning meeting. Maybe a little inspiring, show your team on video talking about the positive culture and why they love showing up everyday. Consider making changes in the way that you do things within the office – make the morning meetings fun and different.

Make it something that people outside your industry would find interesting. Even look to other businesses or brands you admire for ideas, also not in your field – think LinkedIn, or Google.

Now, if you haven’t got quite the ideal culture to socially showcase, then perhaps work on that first!